• No. 75, Opp. Kendra Vidyalaya School,
    Meenakshi Plaza, P.T.Rajan Road,
    B B Kulam, Madurai,Tamil Nadu 625003
  • 0452-4294515, +91-81247-30201
  • No 22A, Bye Pass Road,
    (Above Hotel Jeya Sakthi)
    Madurai - 625016
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Are dentists in Madurai available on weekends?

Tooth Care Centre dentists are available on Saturdays. However, it is very rare that dentists in Madurai are available on Sundays. It is recommended to call and inquire at the clinic.

How many visits will a root canal take?

It usually takes two to three visits to complete the root canal procedure. However, dentists are the experts who can guide you through the procedure.

Does wisdom tooth removal require a surgery?

Wisdom tooth removal doesn’t always require a surgery. Dentists in Madurai are the experts who, after examining the problem, will provide the appropriate solution.

Can dentists help solve bad breath issues?

Yes, you can always approach DR.K.R.Balaji for bad breath related issues. They will examine the cause of the issue and help you overcome it.

Is it better to brush your teeth with hot or cold water?

Cold is the normal type of water to use when brushing your teeth as it has that refreshing and clarifying feeling, although warm water can be good if you have sensitive teeth (as the cold affects teeth)." But, having said that, it shouldn't be too warm

What are its hours of operation ?

Monday to Saturday :
Morning - 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM
Evening - 05.00 PM - 09.00 PM
Sunday :By Appointment

Where can we find the best dental clinic in madurai ?

Tooth Care Centre: No. 75, Opp. Kendra Vidyalaya School, Meenakshi Plaza,P.T.Rajan Road, B B Kulam, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625002

Branch : No. 24A, T.A.S.S. Complex, North Gate, S.S.Colony, Arasaradi Devaki Scan Opposite Road, Madurai - 625010